Cody Harris - Session III - By Risheaun Moore

During Session III we welcomed Matt back for a keys session. Once Matt finished tracking, the instrumental production phase of Cody's new single was complete. He then tracked vocals as the final component of the song.

Cody is still grabbing content for his social media pages. (if you aren't already, follow him on instagram at @codyjamesharrismusic.

Matt and Cody dive into the keys portion of the song. Cody gives Matt some feedback and they make a few adjustments before moving ahead.

Our students work hard, but still know how to have fun. Sometimes the ideas that bounce around can be amusing, but it's all part of the process. Keys are finished, so Elizabeth, Olivia, and Sarah set up the microphone and ear monitor for the vocal session.

Creating, executing, critiquing, repeat. 

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library