Cody Harris - Session IV - By Risheaun Moore

The fourth and final session was all about mixing the audio captured in our recording sessions over the last three weeks.

So...what is mixing?

I’m glad you asked! Mixing is simply taking all of the different sounds and manipulating them so that they fit together as a balanced final product. All instruments and sounds used throughout the sessions are equalized, compressed, etc... and there ya have it.

Congratulations to Cody and the students on knocking out another great single! All of your work paid off!

Dynamo looks forward to introducing students to the technical side of the music world in our future sessions.



(Above) We were joined by the main man Drakeford Lanier during the session. We will have sessions with him in the near future as well! Keep an eye out for that!

(Below) Kessler Cuffman editing the Dynamo Studios blog and offering critiques on my writing.

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library

Cody Harris - Session III - By Risheaun Moore

During Session III we welcomed Matt back for a keys session. Once Matt finished tracking, the instrumental production phase of Cody's new single was complete. He then tracked vocals as the final component of the song.

Cody is still grabbing content for his social media pages. (if you aren't already, follow him on instagram at @codyjamesharrismusic.

Matt and Cody dive into the keys portion of the song. Cody gives Matt some feedback and they make a few adjustments before moving ahead.

Our students work hard, but still know how to have fun. Sometimes the ideas that bounce around can be amusing, but it's all part of the process. Keys are finished, so Elizabeth, Olivia, and Sarah set up the microphone and ear monitor for the vocal session.

Creating, executing, critiquing, repeat. 

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library

Cody Harris - Session II - By Risheaun Moore

During Cody’s second session with Dynamo, he brought with him two new musicians. Matt Gilbert came to track bass, while Cody Ray tracked lead guitar. Students collaborated with the three as the worked out their parts throughout the two hour session. 

Cody started off the session by recording a scratch acoustic track. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "scratch track" it simply means, a track you plan on ditching later. It is there for reference so the other artists have something to play along to.

Cody and Matt talk about the chords used in the song so Matt can map out his parts.

Team discussion and critiques on what they liked and what could be reworked.

Cody and Cody (haha) have a quick sidebar to finalize their plan of attack. Sarah helps Cody get set up in the live room. After a few takes, we were ready to move on!

Cody Ray ripped through his leads to wrap up session two.

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library


Cody Harris - Session I - By Risheaun Moore

Dynamo Studios had the pleasure of working with local artist Cody Harris during our "Full Song Production" - Start to Finish Class held at the Studio at the Chattanooga Public Library (on Wednesday nights). Cody has been on the music scene for 20 years with a background in country, but he is now looking to shake things up. Cody came back to Chattanooga after living in Nashville for a year to pursue his career. He has since then reached out to Dynamo, and we are now working with him on his new single.

Over the course of 4 weeks we will help him track his new song titled Home. The first session featured drummer and close friend Xavier Cotto. Cody said, "Xavier was brought in to energize the song and bring more life to the single." Off to a strong start!

Cody and his drummer are getting set up to begin tracking drums. Cody is also documenting the process to share on his own social media outlets. (You can find Cody on Instagram at @codyjamesharrismusic)

After multiple takes Cody, Xavier, and the students discuss their notes and rework the drum parts.

A few more notes on the energy and direction of his playing.

Tyler and Olivia finalize the recording and make sure everything is set before ending the first session.

That's it for drums!


Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library

Welcome To Our Blog!

Hey, I am Risheaun Moore! I am a Senior at the STEM School in Chattanooga, TN. I was introduced to Dynamo through a class project where our school partnered with Songbirds Guitar Museum to create a 5-minute “documentary” featuring their guitars. In an effort to continue growing, I reached out to Kessler about additional opportunities to get involved. After all was said and done, I was offered an internship, which turned into two back to back internships, and now here I am!


For those of you who aren’t familiar (yet) with Dynamo Studios, let me give some info there. Dynamo Studios holds innovative programs that empower students and musicians to learn about the technical side of the music industry. Students involved with Dynamo programs come from all walks of life. Although we usually focus on working with middle and high school students, we do have many adult learners as well. Those students are directing, editing, recording, engineering and producing music for all kinds of artists. We are also working on the business side of things like marketing, photojournalism, and social media. The students form a bond with each other and share knowledge (as well as laughs!) The positive and exciting energy that these young students bring into the studio is contagious! Here…we are becoming one big happy family.

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library during our Full Song Start To Finish program