Within the engineering world a dynamo is a mechanical device used to generate electricity. Rather than generating electricity, Dynamo Studios acts as a resource for students and musicians to generate growth and success in the world of education, as well as in the music industry. Our goal is for Dynamo Studios to be the catalyst in a student's or musician's life that allows them to realize their full potential through innovative, collaborative production-based learning programs. 

In other words, Dynamo Studios creates an environment where education, the arts and technology come together as one cohesive unit with the community and innovative thinkers, resulting in exponential cultural, entrepreneurial and community growth.

Our Mission

Dynamo Studios provides an environment and resources for students to harness their creative potential using the arts (studio production and music), education, and technology as a catalyst to promote cultural growth, community growth and real-world opportunities for participants at a free or reduced rate.

From Jazz to the Blues, Garage Rock to Punk, Hip-Hop to Techno, and the Symphony to good old fashion Rock & Roll, Chattanooga has always been a hub for the creation of music. Our rich musical legacy and vibrant musical presence is inarguably one of Chattanooga’s greatest assets. Despite this, the artistic culture and music industry have been largely untapped in the Chattanooga area. While this industry generally has a contentious history when it comes to artist empowerment, its presence in a city provides a more organized infrastructure of supportive services that allow artists to aspire, develop, achieve and reinvest into their local communities.

“...the local talent is here, the next challenge is to increase the number of local engagements and the size of the local audience. We want to see more people thinking about Chattanooga as a music destination.”
— Mary Howard Ade, Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau

It is this infrastructure of artist support that Dynamo Studios aims to further develop, and we believe the foundation of that infrastructure is organized collaboration and cooperation between Chattanooga’s emerging musicians, Hamilton County Schools, and innovators within Chattanooga. Our cooperative ecosystem represents a new think-tank or collaborative model for realizing creative and commercial success in the music industry. Chattanooga is in a position to shape the future of music when it comes to the creation of music itself, and we believe it should be equally future-oriented when it comes to the music industry. When properly scaled, Dynamo Studios will play a central part in that operation.

OUR call to action

Through community partnership and collaboration, Dynamo Studios will educate and empower our local students and musicians through innovative and educational audio production programs.

OUR Vision

We want to see our programs inspiringempowering and equipping the youth of Chattanooga so that they become the next generation of elite professionals in the music industry, establishing Chattanooga as a hub for the creation of music and entrepreneurship.

OUR Values

  • Relationships and Report

  • Partnership and Collaboration

  • Scholastic Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Production Excellence

  • Citizenship

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

Areas of student and community Growth

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Communication

  • Collaboration and Community Partnership

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Information Literacy

  • Media Literacy

  • Information, Communication and Technological Literacy

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Initiative and Self-Direction

  • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

  • Productivity and Accountability

  • Leadership and Responsibility


Dynamo Mechanisms

  • Curriculum-based programs for local schools aligned to state teaching standards

  • The Dynamo Lens

  • Studio resources open to the local music economy

  • Dynamo Programming Model

  • Public and Private musician workshops

  • Year-round educational programming

  • Project development, PR and marketing

  • Scholarship and project funding

  • Dynamo Mobile recording systems. We come to you!

  • Public music events