Cody Harris - Session II - By Risheaun Moore

During Cody’s second session with Dynamo, he brought with him two new musicians. Matt Gilbert came to track bass, while Cody Ray tracked lead guitar. Students collaborated with the three as the worked out their parts throughout the two hour session. 

Cody started off the session by recording a scratch acoustic track. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "scratch track" it simply means, a track you plan on ditching later. It is there for reference so the other artists have something to play along to.

Cody and Matt talk about the chords used in the song so Matt can map out his parts.

Team discussion and critiques on what they liked and what could be reworked.

Cody and Cody (haha) have a quick sidebar to finalize their plan of attack. Sarah helps Cody get set up in the live room. After a few takes, we were ready to move on!

Cody Ray ripped through his leads to wrap up session two.

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library