Cody Harris - Session IV - By Risheaun Moore

The fourth and final session was all about mixing the audio captured in our recording sessions over the last three weeks.

So...what is mixing?

Iā€™m glad you asked! Mixing is simply taking all of the different sounds and manipulating them so that they fit together as a balanced final product. All instruments and sounds used throughout the sessions are equalized, compressed, etc... and there ya have it.

Congratulations to Cody and the students on knocking out another great single! All of your work paid off!

Dynamo looks forward to introducing students to the technical side of the music world in our future sessions.



(Above) We were joined by the main man Drakeford Lanier during the session. We will have sessions with him in the near future as well! Keep an eye out for that!

(Below) Kessler Cuffman editing the Dynamo Studios blog and offering critiques on my writing.

Photos taken in the Studio at Chattanooga Public Library