Summer Kickoff Highlight - By Sarah Setlich


Written by Sarah Setlich - Communications Student with Dynamo Studios

June 5th of 2019 brought more than just the beginning of summer--it brought the start of all the summer programs through a kickoff event held at the Camphouse. Instructors, students, and everyone else interested stopped by to learn about the summer programs and socialize with others involved. It was a great chance to learn about Dynamo, welcome new people, get your picture taken, and see some live music.


This get together was awesome for students and collaborators to meet, hang, and get excited for the sessions this summer. Everyone got a chance to meet each other and make new connections within Dynamo. It was also crucial for communicating the schedule for this summer; some newer courses have started and it was important that nobody missed out.

The Camphouse was a spectacular venue (as it has been in the past) and suited the tone of the gathering perfectly. The photography students got a chance to strut their stuff with a photo booth, and the audio students got some hands-on experience with the music artists. This enabled newcomers to see what Dynamo does and provide an opportunity to ask them about their experiences.


For students who have been with the program, it was a chance to see familiar and new faces in addition to getting practice in their areas of expertise. For new students, it was an awesome opportunity to see what Dynamo’s all about and mingle with the people involved. Both these categories of student (and all in between) got to make new connections in a relaxed environment and see live music performances at the same time. It was the perfect scene for questions getting asked and answered.

The live music was made up of the amazing artists Swayvo, DJ D-Whit, Alea Tveit, and Chapman Whitted, who all provided spectacular entertainment. There were also two photo booths: one with student and instructor photographers and the other with a self-operated tablet. In addition, a slideshow was playing clips of recent projects done by Dynamo so newcomers could get a feel for what it’s all about.

This gathering was really cool to attend and ended up being the perfect setting for getting to meet people and connect. A huge thank you to The Camp House for saving the day with the last minute venue change! Our event was scheduled to be outside in Cooper’s Alley, but we were caught in a crazy summer storm. Fortunately for us, the Camp House team saved the day! This event was insanely fun, but stay tuned. We’ve got some crazy stuff lined up for the rest of the Summer!


About the Author:

Sarah is a local high school sophomore studying at Chattanooga High School, Center for Creative Arts. She has been working with Dynamo Studios for nearly two years in the audio realm and is now focusing on leading our blog and publications teams. Keep an eye out for more to come from Sarah.