Dynamo Sessions: Drakeford

We decided to start a new program over the summer that would combine our audio and visual programs into a fun new project. The result of that will be known as Dynamo Sessions.

We ask a band to play and record a song live. Be it a cover song, something unreleased, or an old classic of theirs, we ask they perform in a live setting, we give them 3 takes, and then we all weigh in on which take was best. Once that is decided, our students edit the audio and video from that performance and make a fancy little live music video. When the bands are able, we will also do a quick photoshoot once the recording has wrapped.

We tried out our little idea with our friends in Drakeford. They joined us to play their version of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”

Check out the photos from the session, and the video of their beautiful performance.