The Dynamo Lens - [Under Development]

In the Fall of 2015, a group of music professionals from Chattanooga had a conversation about what could be done to reinvent the music industry and the way music was created. As part of the USC Annenberg Innovation Labs, these innovators were tasked with creating a new model for collaborating on the creation of music by using Chattanooga's own low latency EPB Fiber Optic Network. The end result of this conversation was the Dynamo Lens recording platform. This innovative new platform for creating music allows for remote live collaborative recording sessions over a low latency network, a first for the music industry. What is so special about this platform is that the barriers created by distance, lack of connections, or a lack of resources will no longer be an issue for participants. The music industry hinges on the collaborative nature that is fostered by the music community, and now musicians and students alike will have the opportunity to collaborate on live recording sessions while working in completely separate studio locations.

Our online platform puts all of our web-based resources at the fingertips of any studio or classroom that has access to a low latency internet connection, thus removing the barriers created by distance.

Our online resource and streaming platform, the Dynamo Lens, allows for remote collaborative live recording sessions, live video streaming of studio sessions or educational workshops, and access to our online tutorial library. The Dynamo Lens will serve as an online hub for everything that falls into the realm of industry level studio production and educational programming. In a sense, this is a way for us to expand our resources beyond the educational realm to the public realm while simultaneously providing additional resources to our educational partners. This platform is designed to not only act as a supplementary resource for educational growth, but to be utilized as a tool for musicians in the industry attempting to grow their knowledge and further perfect their craft. We have worked hard to create a diverse, yet thorough, resource library that includes everything from immersive tutorial videos to sample audio recordings for at home mixing and mastering practice. On top of our educational resources, we also provide opportunities to stream live recording sessions from artists or bands utilizing our partner studio spaces. Programs like this allow for an up-close and personal look at the world of recording, production, and musicianship from the comfort of your own studio or classroom. All of this is achieved through the LOLA Network (Low Latency) and the power of Chattanooga’s EPB Gigabit Network. When properly scaled, the implementation of this platform will result in educational growth, wide ranging community growth, and the furthered connectivity of the arts and technology.

This incredible platform creates an environment where education, the arts, and technology come together into one cohesive unit with the community and innovative thinkers. Through platforms like the Dynamo Lens, that harness the power of tech-based learning, the Gig, and LOLA, true production and once in a lifetime educational experiences are now at the fingertips of anyone that has ever dreamed of pursuing the art of professional studio production and musicianship.

What Is LOLA? 

LOLA (LOw LAtency) is a low latency, high quality audio/video transmission system that can be used for networked musical performances and interaction

The goal for Dynamo Studios, when paired with the LOLA Network, is to enable real time musical performances and education-based collaborative opportunities for students or musicians that live in completely separate locations from each other. Participants, although physically separate, will be connected by a LOLA node and the high speed EPB Fiber Optic network. This type of connectivity allows for an incredible amount collaborative production and educational opportunities that have never been available previously. We aim to further connect musicians and students nationally and internationally through the scalable implementation of these resources and quality program development.

LOLA provides a tool which permits musicians to perform together, in real time, while being located all over the world. Now producers, teachers, and musicians can engage with program participants remotely, which allows for educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to musicians and students alike. A working example of this could look like a scenario where a producer based in Los Angeles has the ability to perform or collaborate with a student based in Chattanooga during a lesson, concert performance, or a recording session. Not only does this greatly expand the opportunities for student participation, but it also further grows our global music community, resulting in a stronger global perspective for all parties involved.