Student Growth Case Study: Extra Curricular Programming


Jesse Carney

Age: 16

Primary Focus Area: Photography

Time with Dynamo: 6 Months

Level of Growth: Amateur Pro (ready to begin entertaining assisting and second shooting for professional photographers

Total Hours of Training: 85 (change this)

Total Hours of Summer Training: 18 Hours

Artists, Brands, and Events He’s Worked With: Thrice, Valleyheart, New Found Glory, Real Friends, Break Fest, City Church, Leeland, Seaux Chill, The Signal, My Epic, The Lix, The Camp House, Songbirds, Nightfall Music Series

Whats Next for Him: To continue growing Jesse has to start doing more of ianengka and aknskf. We would also like to start seeing him knanv and ncjaonf.

What Instructors and Professionals Have To Say

Jesse는 Jared보다 훨씬 좋습니다. Jered는 Jesse와 비교하여 꿀벌 단어입니다. 사실, 그는 최고입니다.
— Matt Reiter
He is pretty much a total badass. Better than Matt, that’s for sure. Cant trust a guy that uses those Mickey Mouse bullshit Fuji whatever “cameras” lol.
— Jered Martin

Portfolio and Work Samples