If you've ever wanted to learn what it takes to make it in the music industry or you just simply want to learn more about the art of studio production, Dynamo is the place for you!


Educational opportunities

Our programs have a lot to offer! Take a look and get involved!

  • Multi and single day crash course programs
  • 4-5 week courses
  • Weekend workshops
  • Open Studio Blocks & Crash Course Mini Lessons
  • STEM School PBL Learning
  • Public school partnerships and educational support with curriculum development
  • Community partnerships and support programs
  • Artist Development
  • Full Production Recording Courses
  • Music Business and Marketing

Story telling through audio and film PRODUCTION

Produce multimedia content to accompany exhibits at Songbirds Guitar Museum through the use of studio production equipment and film

Songbirds Guitar Museum is a guitar-oriented, pop culture experience for the whole family which has recently opened to the public. To enhance their exhibits of rare and vintage guitars, STEM student teams will develop multimedia content to tell the unique stories behind these instruments and enrich the understanding of museum visitors.  Each team will tell the story of a guitar (or a series of guitars) and how the instruments impacted the world through the creation of a short documentary film. The students involved will need to research, create a storyboard telling the story of the guitars, create a short film on par with industry standards, practices, and techniques, create audio backtracks and voiceovers, and finally arrange and edit all content to skillfully showcase the instruments and their legacy. Students will use a mobile recording rig provided by Dynamo Studios to create the multimedia content. 

  • The primary focus for Dynamo Studios is to facilitate learning through media creation such as film and audio production. Dynamo will provide curriculum, tutorials, lessons, and educational/technical support for STEM School students and staff.
  • For the strategic partners (Dynamo Studios and the Songbirds Foundation), the focus is on students achieving higher learning facilitated through the creation of multimedia content to enhance the guitar exhibits.
  • For the STEM School, the focus is on the innovation and critical thinking skills demonstrated by the student teams.

Artist Development PBL - [SPRING 2017]

In the Artist Development PBL, students will be tasked with addressing the various jobs that make up the team of music professionals that allow for an artist to be successful in the music industry. Generally speaking, most people don't realize that a musician's success hinges on a key set of roles being filled by specialized music professionals that empower and equip the artist better ensuring the artist’s overall industry success. What is key to this program is that students will be learning the ins and outs of every job that is required for any musician or artist to be successful in the music industry while working alongside a real industry professional!

Throughout this program, students will fill the following roles:

  • Producer
  • Studio Engineer
  • Artist/Tour Manager
  • Booking Agent
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing and Branding Agent
  • Indie Record Label Owner

This is a multi-day program that will allow for students to partner with local music professionals that have a diverse background in the music industry allowing for each student participant to experience these different roles first hand. Each Artist Development PBL is artist/genre dependent i.e. the program will be designed around the specific artist/band/musician and their genre of choice (Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock, Pop, Country, Hardcore, Metal, EDM, etc.)

PRODUCTION ON THE GO - [spring 2017]

Learn basic audio and film production techniques and how to use them in wide variety of local venues capturing the sounds of local musicians

Our Production On the Go program is a culmination of several of our other program courses that will be offered as a 1-2 week crash course intensive. Perhaps the most important aspect of this program is that we are able to get music equipment and recording tech into the hands of our students, inside and outside of school. We are very excited about this program because it will expose participants to a wide variety of production techniques, diverse PBL scenarios, and recording environments (schools, studios, music venues, parks, street corners, etc) while simultaneously providing students with real world production training in film and music. Throughout this 1-2 week program, participants will learn the fundamentals of basic studio production, live sound/audio engineering, post production mixing & mastering, and single shot technical filming. The beauty of programs like Production On the Go is that not only are participants exposed to a wide variety of production methods, they are also exposed to a very diverse lineup of artists, musicians, and local partners from around our community. Not only will participants learn life/industry skills, they will also have a very unique opportunity to network and learn alongside our local artists. Production On the Go provides a wide variety of learning opportunities that will benefit all participants within the local music industry and beyond by equipping and empowering them with skills that will open doors and create real world opportunities.

Ableton Live - [spring 2017]

Creating backtracks, midi, making samples, and creating beats

Ableton Live is one of the most popular, reliable, user friendly live software music sequencers and digital audio workstations on the market today. Some of the biggest artists today use Ableton Live in their concert and live shows.  We believe that offering in depth courses on Ableton will benefit the current artist base in the community and future artists to come bringing a more professional and real world experience to their live performances.

Studio Production with a Digital Audio Workstation for beginners - [SPRING 2017]

Logic X, Protools, plugins, DAW, signal chain, etc.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) are the future of recording/production. You can’t walk into a studio today without seeing some type of DAW software. This course will go in depth between the differences between different DAW’s and how to use this intuitive software to create that musical masterpiece you desire as an artist.

Intro to Live sound & Live audio engineering - [SPRING 2017]

Signal flow, gain structure, aux sends, basic EQ, compression, gating, and the basics of managing a live show

What would a band be without a live sound engineer? Live Sound Engineer’s are critical to any live performance as they are the people tasked with making the music sound good in every venue that artists perform in no matter what the acoustics look like. Teaching the next generation and our current generation of musicians the basic techniques of live sound mixing will equip anyone to successfully and excellently run sound in just about any situation.  

Studio production techniques for beginners - [SPRING 2017]

Mic placement, managing a session, using various DAWs, using preamps and compressors, aux sends, and mixing basics

While DAW software makes recording a much easier task, there is still a lot of complex techniques that producers and audio engineers have been using for years and years. Passing down some of these techniques will be extremely beneficial to anyone who is interested in producing or engineering sound on any level. In this course students will learn how to manage a recording session and apply the skills needed to enter into the world of studio recording by recording a REAL band!