Production In the Classroom

East Lake Academy of Fine Arts

The Mobile Production Resource Lab will be housed primarily at East Lake Academy of Fine Arts and will be used as a tool to equip the STEAM Lab/Maker Space, core content teachers and the after school Wild Cat Time programs. Beyond East Lake Academy of Fine Arts programming, this resource will be used as a tool for teacher-focused professional development and as a resource to equip art programs and core content classes in Opportunity Zone schools.

Goals: Address state teaching standards, support in-school programming, create strong professional development for teachers, provide high-end tech resources for teachers, provide in-school support for teachers. facilitate community engagement, facilitate community partnership, student empowerment, student investment in East Lake, tech literacy and 21st-Century Skill building.


Storytelling Through Media Production

Film, Music, Photo, Communications, and Media Marketing


My Voice

East Lake Academy of Fine Arts

My Voice is a program focused around the simple, yet powerful, idea of empowering someone by amplifying their voice and their ability to get their personal story out to the masses. During this program students will work as a team to empower local members of their community through content creation — specifically film, photography, and audio production. Each group of students will create a full mini-documentary that will be promoted through a web page that they must design to more effectively market the story that they have produced, providing the respective community member with a platform by which to tell their story to a broad audience. 

The various student-produced pieces will be presented at school events and community presentations around the city at least twice a quarter. These projects will be created in partnership with the ThiRDspace Stories initiative.

Goals: Facilitate community engagement, facilitate community partnership, student empowerment, student investment in East Lake, focus on STEAM standards and programming, tech literacy, and 21st-Century Skill building.

ThiRd Space Stories

ELLA Chattanooga

Phase 1 — Summer/Fall 2018

In conjunction with All In Chattanooga, East Lake Neighborhood Associations, the Rossville Blvd Community's Action and Planning Project, and ELLA Chattanooga’s storytelling studio THiRDspace Stories interviewing the people of Chattanooga, specifically the people of East Lake to gather their sense of place and community in Chattanooga. These stories will be highlighting several of the people interviewed, pairing the audio with B-roll video and pictures. The various "stories" will then be shared with the people of the 37407 zip code through film screenings at community events starting with the October 2nd National Night in the East Lake and Clifton Hills neighborhoods. Here, we will use storytelling as a means to facilitate conversations with residents, thus cultivating an empowered culture of change.

Phase 2 — Winter/Spring 2019

Building upon the oral community interviews, we will release a series of video vignettes of people and businesses in the 37407 zip code to be shown at community events and across online platforms to increase community engagement and involvement.

2019 Spring Break Camp 

We will work with East Lake Elementary and East Lake Academy students on creating personal memoirs to tell their stories using various storytelling methods including graphic novel, video, illustration or animation over a multi-day camp.

Phase 3 — Summer/Fall 2019

We will begin hosting story-sharing events working with community members on how to tell their stories using different methods of media and facilitating how to share and discuss these stories.

Goals: Facilitate community engagement, community partnership, student empowerment and student investment in East Lake while focusing on STEAM standards and programming, tech literacy, and 21st-Century Skill building.

General Educational Programming

Various programs will serve as components of camps, in-school programs, and various community and partner projects. These programs are typically interchangeable and can all be reworked or combined to serve the needs or vision of whatever a teacher, director or project leader is hoping to accomplish through their respective programs/classes. Each of these programs and mini-lessons will be implemented in classrooms, extracurricular programming and at partner studios and workspaces which support the arts, education and innovation.

  • Photography

  • Concert Photography

  • Brand & Lifestyle Photography

  • Vocal Production

  • Mixing Audio & Post Production

  • Full Song Production Start to Finish

  • Beat Making and Digital Music Production

  • Acoustic Guitars & Singer Songwriter Vocals

  • Brand Development and Graphic Design

  • Podcasting

  • Documentary Production PBL

  • Music Video Production PBL

  • Music Video Production 101

  • Foley Engineering and After Sound Effects

  • Sound Design

  • Shooting a Mini-Documentary 101

  • Lighting Techniques for Film

  • Shakespeare and Hip Hop

  • Production Session Crash Courses

  • Publications and Magazine Development