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Music Marketing & Business

Music Marketing & Business

3 Days

Music Marketing: A comprehensive study of the mass communication options available for the implementation of creative ideas involving artist and product development. The course is useful for the entrepreneur, corporate executive, creative production person, and business strategy person focusing on consumer research, business relationships, and the effect media has on creativity and results. It also assists students in preparing for extended career/graduate study options.

Music Business: An overview of business and legal issues of special concern to musicians and songwriters, with special emphasis on copyright law, recording and music publishing contracts, and relationships between artists and other parties, including managers, producers, and investors.

Camp Cost: $150/3 Days
Location: Dynamo Studios at the Chattanooga Public Library (Downtown)
Dates and Time: June 1 – July 4 from 9am-3:30pm
Ages 11-17

Earlier Event: June 7
Studio Production Camp