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ALL AGES - Mixing Audio & Post Production

  • The Studio Chattanooga Public Library 1001 Broad Street Chattanooga, TN, 37402 United States (map)

We are teaming up with the Chattanooga Public Library to bring you our June programs!

Mixing the audio captured in a recording session is one of the most important components of the music production process. Yes, the record should already sound 80% like what the final product will sound like after the band has left the studio, but that last 20% missing is where the mix engineer comes into play. After the recording session is complete, the mixing engineer will take all of the audio from the recording session and mix it together to sound its absolute best. Think of it this way, a mix engineer's job is to enhance the sound in a way that makes the song sound like something you'd want to pay money for. Although this is a more challenging part of the process, we are offering this program to advanced learners that are want to take their recordings to the next level!

Topics Covered

  • Creating a Mix Session
  • Equalization (EQ)
  • Signal Chain
  • Gain Structure
  • Aux Sends
  • Compression and Side Chain Compression
  • Effects
  • Sub Mixing
  • Gating
  • Basic Mastering

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This program is brought to you by Dynamo Studios, in partnership with The Chattanooga Public Library.