Dynamo Studios has a wide variety of services to offer the music community, locally and abroad. These services reach far beyond the realm of our various studio partnerships allowing us to empower and equip users on a much wider scale no matter if they are in a classroom, recording studio, or in the comfort of their own home.

The Dynamo Lens - [Under Development]

The Dynamo Lens is a way for us to extend the reach of our resources beyond the confines of our various studio spaces. This online platform is designed to not only act as a supplementary resource for educational growth, but to also be utilized as a tool for musicians in the industry attempting to grow their knowledge and further perfect their craft. Users will have access to a variety of services ranging from immersive tutorial videos to sample audio recordings for at home mixing with online mixing applications. Perhaps the most unique and innovative opportunity we offer with this low latency application is remote collaborative recording sessions. Artists and students will have the opportunity to collaborate on live recording sessions while working in totally separate studio locations. On top of all of that we also provide opportunities to stream live recording sessions from artists or bands utilizing our partner studio spaces or any other space housing a LOLA node. Programs like this will allow for an up close and personal look into the world of recording music from the comfort of your own home or classroom. All of this is achieved through our proprietary Dynamo Lens program model and the power of Chattanooga's own, low latency, EPB Fiber Optic Gigabit Network. The Dynamo Lens will serve as an online hub for everything that is audio production. Click the button below for more information!