Dynamo Studios is comprised of innovative thinkers who are passionate about our community, education, and music. We bring years of experience and expertise to you!



Upon arrival in the area, Kessler was determined to lay down his roots in Chattanooga and get involved with the incredible culture and innovators that this city has to offer. As a recent graduate of Lee University with a degree in Secondary Education, Political Science & History, Kessler is now employed as the World History & Geography teacher at Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts. Currently, Kessler is using his professional experience in the music industry and his position with Hamilton County Department of Education to promote innovative growth in the greater Chattanooga area, specifically in the fields of innovation, tech based learning, and the arts. He has been involved heavily with PEF as a successfully funded 48 Hour Launch Teacherpreneur participant, the USC Annenberg Labs Innovation Think Tank as a music & arts committee member, Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts, STEM School Chattanooga, various local foundations, and local innovation initiatives.

Preston HolLand // INSTRUCTOR

Preston hails from St. Petersburg, Florida and moved to Tennessee in 2012 to attend Lee University. His background is primarily in music and live sound production, but he is also an accomplished audio engineer within the studio realm. He has been a Front of House (FOH) engineer for Lee University and Rock Point Church, as well as doing freelance audio engineering in the greater Chattanooga area with various venues, artists, and studios. Preston is currently the Production Director at Rock Point Church and live sound instructor for Dynamo Studios. 

Matt Murr // Instructor

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Matt's passions started with music and quickly overflowed into film and television. Matt moved to Tennessee in 2008 to pursue a degree in Telecommunications at Lee University. There, Matt worked on various short films, music videos, an independent feature film, and three different national television shows as well as playing bass guitar for touring bands and local acts. Matt currently is the owner of Nine Line Productions, a film production company based in Chattanooga, is the Production Director for Rock Point Church, and is also on the board for Noisemakers, an organization aimed at bringing music, film, and tech together in Chattanooga.

“We don’t want the type of position where we simply fill a role. We want to be in a position where we can be a catalyst. In other words, we want Dynamo to be the thing that makes a difference in people’s lives by helping them to reach their full potential...”
— Kessler Cuffman, Executive Director

What We've Achieved

  • Multiple pro endorsements from high level music companies.
  • Independent ownership and leadership of private businesses.
  • Experience as touring musicians.
  • Film and production in multiple documentaries. (National and International)
  • Production with TV shows such as American Idol. 
  • Years of live production experience (set design, light show design, sound design).
  • Production in studios across the East Coast as producers and session musicians.