Soundbytes: What is Music Publishing?

A recent interview with Honest Ox Publishing gave some eye-opening insight into the ways in which some musicians are losing money by not knowing what income streams they can tap into. By being the owner of a song, you earn money from its use. You are owed publishing royalties whenever your songs are sold, downloaded, streamed on sites like Spotify or Rdio, played on the radio (including satellite and internet radio like Pandora), used in TV/film/commercials/games, or performed live in a venue.

SoundCorps Spotlight on TakeNote: Playing Music and Paying Bills

The most recent TakeNote event took place at the Camp House on Monday night featuring a variety of music professionals from across the industry scene. Each panelist boasts an impressive resume, which makes it obvious that they have poured their time and energies into their work, and that hard work has shown. With years of experience collectively under their belts, they were a well–seasoned and humble group of panelists to get to know better in one on one interviews as well as in a group setting when they spoke to our TakeNote audience. Here are some highlights from the night.

Panelists included:

Kenny Bartolomei, co-founder of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige, Young Jeezy)

Cam Flener, lead singer of The Velcro Pygmies

Brandon Gilliard, professional bassist (Janelle Monae, Kimbra)

Angel Snow, artist/songwriter (Alison Krauss)

Soundbytes: How to Make a Music Video

Creating a music video is another creative way to showcase your music’s message. But while making music videos has become more accessible with high quality phone cameras, the process of creating one is still complicated and involves planning. This starts with what message you want to convey in your video. While inventing a new dance may be good for Psy’s Gangnam Style, you may want to create a love story whose plot parallels your song, like Lord Huron’s Ends of the Earth. Here are some tips for creating a meaningful music video.