Recently, our dear friend Josh McCausland released an incredible project called  "Chaos Theory" and he was kind enough to trust us with mixing and mastering the audio!! If you are looking for a project that tells a story through a beautifully executed multi-media experience, then look no further. Recently RAW Artists interviewed Josh about the project. Check out the link below to read the full interview and click here to watch the film! 

"Heartbreak is an emotion most of us have experienced, but we feel like we're alone when we’re going through it, and that no one can understand the pain we feel. When a relationship ends, we cry, we get angry, we rack our brains as to how it all went wrong and then, over time, the pain begins to ease up and we find a way to look ahead."

*** Disclaimer: The language in this piece is explicit at times. Parental Advisory is recommended) ***

SoundCorps Spotlight: Kessler Cuffman and Dynamo Studios

From the get–go, Kessler Cuffman exudes an air of passion and motivation. Kessler teaches world history at the Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts, is also a guitarist, a music producer, and Executive Director of a 501(c)3 called Dynamo Studios. If his resume isn’t impressive enough, his passion for providing students equal opportunities to pursue music should be. He is currently enrolled in SoundCorps’ Craft Masters series and hopes that the course will help him focus Dynamo’s vision and equip him to better help students at his workplace.

SoundCorps Spotlight: Dakari Kelly

Chattanooga musician whose life is defined by music. He began his journey in Barger Academy and continued on to the Center for Creative Arts, and attended Tennessee Tech on a music scholarship. After years of devoted practice, he eventually made it to competitive divisions like All East, All State, where he received principal positions. Dakari went on to do a few national competitions like Act-So under the NAACP and one sponsored by the Omega Psi fraternity. With thirteen years under his belt, he now juggles a few jobs, including teaching at the Mountain Arts Community Center, playing bass for Rick Rushing and the Blues Strangers, and interning with SoundCorps. He is currently a Craft Masters attendee hoping to hone his music experience and build his career.