Dynamo Studios is composed of innovative music makers who are passionate about our community, education, and music. We bring years of experience and expertise to you!


Kessler Cuffman // Executive Director // Instructor

Kessler is a graduate of Lee University with a degree in Secondary Education, Political Science & History. He is a full time educator supporting local schools through Dynamo Studios and direct instruction. Currently, Kessler is using his professional experience in the music industry to promote innovative growth in the greater Chattanooga area, specifically in the fields of innovation, tech based learning, and the arts. He has been involved with PEF as a successfully funded Teacherpreneur, the USC Annenberg Labs Innovation Think Tank as a Arts & Entertainment committee member, STEM School Chattanooga, various local foundations, and local arts based innovation initiatives.


Luke Wild // Instructor

Luke is a professional musician that currently resides in Cleveland Tennessee. Currently, Luke is splitting time playing guitar for Free Chapel Worship, John and Joselyn Brockman, and Tyler Richardson and the Knights. In addition to being an active gigging live player, Luke provides session guitar work that ranges from Gospel, Hip Hop, and Blues, to Jazz and Rock. Independent of Dynamo Studios, Luke has professionally recorded and produced over 30 songs for Artists over the last two years. 


Billy Camillo // Instructor

Billy is a professional drummer from Tampa, Florida. Following in his dad’s footsteps, he began playing the drums when he was 2 years old. Billy grew up heavily influenced by gospel and RnB music. His musical influences are in all styles of music from the early greats, to up and coming new artists. Billy began to play for his home church, Grace Family Church, when he was only 12 years old. As their church began to grow into 5 campuses, he became an indispensable member of their worship department. Just out of high school Billy’s name grew throughout the city, and local acts began booking him not only in the Tampa Bay area, but all over Florida as well. Billy has experience playing all genres of music, and specializes in gospel, RnB, and jazz/fusion. Billy now resides in Cleveland, Tennessee and plays regularly for Free Chapel.


Preston Holland // Instructor

Preston hails from St. Petersburg, Florida and moved to Tennessee in 2012 to attend Lee University. His background is primarily in music and live sound production, but he is also an accomplished audio engineer within the studio realm. He has been a Front of House (FOH) engineer for Lee University and Rock Point Church, as well as doing freelance audio engineering in the greater Chattanooga area with various venues, artists, and studios. Preston is currently the Production Director at Rock Point Church and live sound instructor for Dynamo Studios. 



Jordan Little // Instructor

Jordan Little is a soon to be graduate of Lee University with a degree in Studio Production. Guitar and Viola are his main instruments. His musical skills for guitar range in the areas of ambient, worship, fusion, or metal/ hardcore styles. Jordan has been very active in the Chattanooga music scene over the past few years, whether it be performing, filming, recording, or live events production. Jordan loves producing hiphop, r&b, and trap music, so he is excited to be a part of the beat building and hip-hop programs.