Stem School Chattanooga

STEM School Chattanooga offers a new model for teaching and learning in order to prepare its students to one day enter and excel in the complex, ever-changing global workforce. By consistently exploring and implementing innovative practices, STEM School extends beyond simply meeting Tennessee graduation requirements to build in its students a strong foundation for thinking critically, innovating, and leading. This foundation therefore equips students to address current issues and problems and provides them with the tools they need to continue to learn and grow. STEM School believes this ultimately will make its students marketable, successful, and political issues on a global scale. Consequently, to accomplish this task, STEM School requires a unique approach to both teaching and learning - which impacts three main areas: its curriculum, its classroom structure, and its grading practices.



  • Dynamo Studios/STEM Production PBL [FALL 2016]


Descriptioninjii is a network of people that want to help one another. We are global outreach without borders, created for those that want to take stand for what’s right. We are all capable of making a difference in the world. Through injii, the micro-individual is empowered to create macro-world changes in poverty, hunger, health, human rights, and other social impact causes. injii is about building a better tomorrow while having a great time doing so. The future of online social networking is in media broadcasting. injii enables talented artists and entertainers to showcase their video content on a grand global scale. injii is an impact broadcast where everyone watches together at the same time, everywhere in the world, to cross promote incredible content for even greater charitable causes. injii is about collaboration, we enable viewers to have open discussion about content with artists and causes with charities, in real-time. We bring people together by showcasing great talent and with live interaction to help raise awareness and micro-crowd donations for public charities. We at injii believe that charitable giving should actually go towards supporting the cause at hand and not be overly spent on covering marketing and administrative costs. Billions of dollars each year are not being received by those in need. injii is the outlet for public charities to reduce overhead so the donations go towards improving lives.  


PRograms/resource DESCRIPTIONS:

  • Dynamo Mobile Recording Labs production on the go workshops [Fall 2016]